• Tara B. Vasi

Check out these sweet Teva's, bro.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Yoga is the systematic release of resistance and currently, I am working on releasing resistance and finding flexibility OFF of the mat.

I have refused to wear Teva sandals my entire life. Maybe because I thought they were nerdy. Maybe because they were so popular at one point, and I didnt want to do wear what everyone else was wearing just because everyone else was wearing them. Maybe and probably mainly, because my mother liked them so much and wanted me so badly to like them, too.

Check out these sweet 5 inch cuffs, bro. Nerd alert.

In preparation for my trip to South East Asia (because their was going to be so much walking and it was going to be so hot), I was searching far and wide for a walking sandal that wasn't hideous looking and open toed and comfortable and not hideous looking. Pretty much because my options were so limited (who designs women sandals anyway??), I gave in to what must have been my destiny all along, and bought some Teva sandals, and lets just say, these bad Larry's are going to be my new best friends. Can everything come with Velcro?

Check out these sweet Teva's, bro. And my toe nail polish matches my pants. Nerd alert.

Why have I been so stubborn?

There have been many things so far in this lifetime that I have resisted and for no real valid reason other then I was trying to go against the grain. I had made up my mind and that was the end of it. Like, for example, 9-5 employment with benefits and 401k ( I could really just end there), swimming (I mean, I know how to not drown), opening myself up to people, the Game of Thrones, umbrellas, or band aids, or anything PUMPKIN in Autumn. The list is probably much longer than that....

I am a hugely flexible person on the mat. But, sometimes I lack flexibility off the mat. Sometimes what I see as determination and strong willed, is just straight narrow minded, and its not cool.

I welcome in a new way of looking at life. The other day even, I had the most delicious pumpkin Perfect Bar from Trader Joes and needless to say I am pumpked (oh come on, its funny) and in love with pumpkin everything.

Its like this whole new world! A magical place I never knew!

In a world beyond footwear and TV shows, I think its important to ask ourselves every once and a while why we are so determined to have the opinions that we have and are we reasonable with them. Are they really your opinions in the first place, or are they your parents? Or were they formed just to spite the more popular opinion and why? Where did those judgments come from? Are you open to other ways of thinking? It takes a special level of strength and maturity for a person to put their stubbornness aside and learn to open their mind, maybe even shift perspectives when looking at there own opinions, their first impressions or judgments of people and of situations

How can you release some resistance somewhere in your life? How can you take your flexibility off of the mat?

Open your mind. If you don't use an umbrella, you are just going to get wet.


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