• Tara B. Vasi

Day 10: Last day of Thailand Yoga Retreat Day 1: First Day of G- Adventures 30 day tour

My alarm went off at 5:30am and I got ready to head down to the pool area to lead a sunrise yoga class, the last yoga class of the Thailand yoga retreat. It felt like I had a rock in my stomach and not the pretty, shiny, energetic ones that I love to meditate on.

We practiced and looked out over the mountains as the sun rose before us. I encouraged people to reflect on their time in Thailand and set an intention that encouraged a deeper awareness and level of mindfulness in their lives once they return safely to the states. It felt nice to lead the group in yoga on the last day.

The leadership during the retreat deterred from what I had expected (in more ways then one), so leading this final class really meant a lot to me.

I took a pretty amazing time lapse of class that I will post to social media. Class concluded and we all decided to pack and head to breakfast. I was heading back to my room when my buddha belly decided to try to escape my body. I have never ran so fast and luckily I made to the rest room in my bungalow just in the nick of time. (And my roommate wasnt home)

I went to breakfast late because the idea of eating at a buffet was nauseating. Maddy and I went back to the market and back to the man selling the duffel bags, and with our tails between our legs forked over 240 baht (which was only $8). It was 94 degrees and we agreed that it was a bad idea to go for such a long sweaty and hot walk before sitting in a van for 3 hours. But, we got out bags, so we were happy so so were all our sweet pants.

We met at the reception at 12:30pm so we could head to the airport. Bill and Cat “mom and dad”’d me again and gave me their first aid kit. I know I will definitely need it and definitely pay it forward, just like they suggested. Laurie and Pam were a half hour late to meet and we almost left without them. The van ride and the flight were quiet and uneventful, a bittersweet energy lingering in the air.

We landed and we said our goodbyes, before we all went our separate ways. Some hugs felt different than others. I noticed that hugs lasted much longer with people I connected the most with.

Maddy and I decided to stick together because she was also spending the night in Bangkok and seemed to understand the sky train way better then I did. We took the sky train about seven stops or 30 minutes to a location that was pretty close to where I was meeting up with my G-Adventures group and where her Airbnb was located. The people in the train were absolutely silent.

We got off and started walking around. I was carrying my big backpack and the duffel bag full of toys and I could feel my ligament pop out of my lower back and cried because Laurie wasn’t around to save me. We decided to pop into a Starbucks to regroup and take a load off.

From there, We decided to hit up an Indian restaurant for dinner, mainly because we were smack in the middle of the Indian quarter. We tried ordering chicken tikka masala but the kind server sweetly pointed to the huge letters at the top of the menu that the restaurant was100% vegetarian.

We were a little confused by the ketchup packed they gave us on a plate.

The one that looks like rice crispies in milk is sweet like yogurt and honey, but the others were flavorful and spicy!

I was excited to see how my already loose bowels were going to respond to this spice party.

Maddy and I talked about the retreat and our next adventures. We both decided that we “didn’t want new groups” because we loved our yoga retreat group so much. She helped my find the hostel where my group was, took out cash for me and I Venmo’d her because my bank card was frozen, and even gave me one of her extra nubbins because mine stopped working (phone charger square adapter). Home girl is ten years younger then me, hahaha, but Im not too proud to accept her generosity and know how.

She came in to meet my group and talk to the tour guide about joining the trip. Everyone was so nice and welcoming! They were eating dinner, so I just introduced myself and told them I was hitting the hay.

It was so special being able to connect with someone so closely and so quickly. Maddy and I will definitely stay in touch and she might even meet my group in Chiang Mai and we can continue traveling together! (So she can take care of me) I told her that she is stuck with me now.

After our tearyeyed goodbyes, I walked to the nearest massage parlor and got the best massage I have ever got in my life. Lady was a beast!

I went back to the hostel dorm, where I had a bed in a dorm of four girls and it smelled like a barn married a carnival. I lay down my sleeping sheet condom inside of the bed and curled into my cacoon knowing new big adventures and more special friendships are right around the corner. So were many many bathroom breaks.


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