• Tara B. Vasi

Day 12/50: Canggu, Bali. Day 4 with Food Poisoning. Feeling Better.

I woke up still feeling ill but had to get out of the nasty hostel room and at least try to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Canggu, Bali while I was here. I had about 15 charcoal tablets the day before and was feeling pretty optimistic.

I hesitantly put on my white bathing suit and grabbed my suntan lotion bottle, the one that cost more than a night stay in my hostel and peaced out of the room in search of adventure.

I found a cafe and ordered plain toast and, don’t yell at me, a cappuccino. Holy smokes, bad idea. No need to say more, it had to come out eventually.

Side note: Thank god, I brought my laptop. I would have been so bored while sick. The day before I watched the first season of Living with Yourself on Netflix with Paul Rudd. Its about cloning a better version of yourself. It’s hilarious. Theres one scene where one of the Asian dudes says, “The first time you use the toilet after treatment, whatever you do, don’t look!” He looked.

I initially took my sandals off when I reached the sand of the beach, but because the day was so hot, the sand burned my feet right away and I had to put my flops back on. I cooled my feet in the water and walked south. I sat down in the sand to watch a group of stray dogs splash around in the waves. They didnt have a home or a keeper. They had so much love and joy for life. How did these sweet dogs survive out here? There poor hot feet.

I did extensive research on yoga studios in the area and chose Serenity Yoga mainly because they had a mid day class. The teacher, Hannah had a far out and free guidance style. My body was full of cobwebs and it felt amazing to work out some of the tension in my joins and get my blood recirculating fully again. Mid way through class, she asked us to “all take childs pose if the stars and the energy in the room choose to bring you there.” When she said “all” or “ohwll,” I immediately knew she was from New Jersey. After class, I walked up to her and asked her what part of New Jersey she was from. She laughed and said, Montclair. We chatted for a bit. She is in her late 20’s and has lived on Bali for a few years now.

After class, I sat in the Serenity Cafe, which was vegetarian and vegan, and ordered a fresh coconut and vegetable soup. The soup has a wide array of vegetables in it, a salty and flavorful broth, and fried onion strings on top, which I wholly appreciate. My friend, Frank gave me a mini mindfulness book and I fanned through the pages scanning for meditation prompts to use in Sri Lanka. Time to switch gears, Tara. You are strength. You are healthy. You are a healer.

I order a piece of vegan carrot cake, banana bread, and coconut date bread to take with me to try later.

This would be my last day on Bali and tomorrow I head to Sri Lanka to teach yoga to volunteers staying at the Ayurvedo Mountain Villa. The Volunteer program supports projects including Elephants, sea turtles, stray dogs, and so much more. The volunteers are offered yoga each morning at the villa. This could be a huge opportunity for me to help the owner continue to promote the volunteer program, manage the yoga teacher volunteer program, and take his already amazing program and make it OUTSTANDING.

I ponder all of these new opportunities as a sit on the beach after yoga and watch the sunset. The lower the sun gets the more crowded the sand becomes. I see a man walking a husky and he is constantly stopping and talking to people. The husky gets annoyed and howls for him to keep moving. There are a group of kids getting constantly owned by waves and having the best time of their lives. It reminds me of when my cousins and I played for hours in the ocean on the Jersey Shore when we were young. The ocean pulls the water back and takes their legs right out from under them. I can’t help but laugh out loud.

The way the sun reflects on the water is truly remarkable. There are hundreds of tiny black specks bobbing up and down in the water. The orange sky is so bright you almost can’t even make out the many surfers buoyant in the water waiting for that epic sunset cruise.

The sun sets and the dad calls the kids out water. They are so bummed to have to leave.

I walk back to Echo beach and see people enjoy cocktails at Old Man’s along the way. I stop to listen to some live music for a song or two and sing “No woman, no cry,” to myself the few blocks to my hostel.

My tummy rumbles and I decide to give myself an A for effort, but call it a night. Even just doing something was better than doing nothing.

I WhatsApp message with the young volunteer that I will be working with in Sri Lanka and we connect on social media. I plan to meet her in Malaysia the following day and travel with her the remainder of the way to Sri Lanka.

I am ready to say goodbye to Bali and embrace this new opportunity in Sri Lanka. I am ready to feel healthy and strong again. Is it possible I miss working?


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