• Tara B. Vasi

Day 14, 15, 16 Sri Lanka. 60 Days Abroad. RIP Peanut Coffee Muddy

Well, fucking Peanut is fucking dead.

If everything happens for a reason, please tell me universe, why did this have to happen?

Here’s what went down.

We found Peanut in the muddy road less than two weeks ago. He was covered with fleas, ticks, and mange. He was a baby and he was scared. We cleaned him up and helped him get rid of the fleas. We tried to take him to Chamara vet a few times, but they were closed. He isn’t eating much and we really need to get him to the vet. Saturday comes and we have a volunteer arriving that night. We decide to go to a another vet that is available during the day so that Peanut can get his puppy shots, rabies, parvo, and then treatment for his mange and his worm. We get to the vet and I talk to the doctor about what’s going on. He speaks English well and we understand each other. Peanut needed treatment for common puppy/stray puppy things and it all seemed pretty straight forward.

The doctor administered three injections to his rump and that was that. Peanut was such a big boy about it. We sat down at the desk and the doctor recommended these two bottles of liquid vitamins and aminos to help him get stronger and a bag of higher end puppy food. The tab at the end was 7k rupees or about $50. No big deal really. We go back to the villa and are pretty happy that Peanut is taken care of and will be healthy and strong soon.

He’s pretty sleepy the rest of the day, but we don’t think anything of it because after all he did just get three shots. Homeboy is a little nugget with a lot going on…

We pick up Cristy at the airport no problem. She is a sweet woman from Houston, Texas who is joining us for the yoga retreat, sea turtle project and then perhaps a road trip to a few other places in Southern Sri Lanka.

We get back to the villa around 12:30am. I check on Peanut. He is sleeping. I try to give him a little food but he wants nothing to do with it. I get a little worried, but again just assume its because he is juiced up and his little body is trying to process all that medicine.

I usually wake up to his cries, but this morning I don’t hear a thing. I come out of my room and I see him laying in the sun. Someone must has moved him from his box to the open area. I call to him. He tries to get up to run to me, but its like he is drunk and his legs are like jelly. I give him a little cup of water and he drinks it. He seems to steady himself, but then vomits all over the floor. He is crying now and falls over and begins urinating. His stomach looks bloated and he seems weak, confused, scared and pained. Chamara comes and I tell him we need to go back to the vet right away, so we get in the car and head right back to the same vet. This isn’t normal. What the hell did they do?

Cristy joins us. What a fun Sri Lankan Adventure adventure right?

The vet that we saw the evening before is not there, so we see the young woman available. She tells us the combination of the worm infestation and the injections are causing bad reaction that he just has to fight through. She gives him antibiotic and antihistamines shots for support. She gives us a prescription for antivomiting capsules and dextrose. She tells us give him a quarter tablet when we get home and spoon feed him rehydration salts and the dextrose every ten minutes for the rest of the day. Ok, I guess so, youre the professional…

We try what the vet suggests. We get a syringe to make sure the liquid gets down his throat. Peanut still seems to get worse. He’s crying in his sleep and he’s crying when he is awake. His breath is shallow and his is belly bulging. His eyes start rolling back in his head. Something is seriously wrong. This is not what worm infestation looks like. He can’t move.

We take him to Chamara’s vet. We show him the paperwork the previous vet had given us the day before. The good vet shows us that the other vet administered dosages for a dog over 4 months instead of a puppy Peanuts size. The additional medication caused paralysis and brain damage, essentially poisoning him, The good vet gives him another shot of antihistamines and massages his limps hoping to bring back some sensation and heat. He tells us to keep Peanut warm, but other then that, there is really nothing we can do. He said, some vets hurt or kills dogs to make more money, especially from foreigners.

We heat water and pour it into a bottle, wrap a towel around it and place Peanut little limp body on top of it. We massage his feet, stroke his body, and tell him everything is going to be ok. I repeat to him over and over that I am sorry. I am so sorry that this happened to you.

We leave him at the villa so that I can get my spider bite would cleaned and rebandaged at the family doctor. When we come back, Peanut is dead.

Chamara tried to revive him, but he has fully passed. We are both so upset and angry that Peanut left us so soon.

We wrap peanut in one of my tank tops that we kept in his bed and took him to the beach for burial. Its very dark at the beach, so Chamara points the van head lights to a spot on the beach so that we can see. He digs a hole and places Peanut inside while I looked on in shear sadness and disbelieve that something like this could happen.

After the burial, we drive to the bad vets office, but because its almost 10pm, he is closed. We ring the bell. No answer. We decide to call the number on the poster out from and the doctor answers. Chamara hands me the phone. I said, “ I was in there yesterday with my puppy, and now my puppy is dead. He just needed his puppy shot and you gave him too much medicine. It paralyzed him and killed him. Why did you do that? You did that for money. You are supposed to helping dogs, not killing dogs. I am going to the embassy and I am going to tell everyone that you are a bad vet, and a bad man!”

The vets voice started shaking and he sounds scared. He said he was sorry and it must have been the worms and he would give me my money back and please please don’t go to the Embassy. He can make this right. I told him, the only way he could make it right was to bring my dog back to life. He asked to talk to Chamara.

Chamara got on the phone with him and that is when he admitted to giving peanut the incorrect dose of medicine. He tried to get Chamara to take his side bc he was Sri Lankan. He didnt say whether it was on purpose or a mistake, but he admitted it, and begged Chamara to not let me go to the Embassy. Chamara said that he has no control over what I choose to do about his malpractice. This whole thing is all wrong. This vet cannot get away with doing this kind of thing. He needs to learn that there are consequences.

He messed with the wrong foreigner.



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