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Day 22- 26: Sri Lanka. We did stuff.

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Today is Thursday, December 19th, or it was when I started the post.

I’m not sure what happened the last five days. Its been a huge beautiful blur of sunshine and rain, doing and being, observing and creating.

I ate A LOT of curried lentils and rice this week and did a lot of pushups.

I’m happy to say, this week we have successfully completed the Indy Villa, the second villa on the property. The completion is in preparation for our three German visitors and the volunteer season in general.

Each room has a bathroom, a queen sized bed, a TV, AC, Fan, Fridge, Kettle, etc etc. There are four rooms in Indy Villa and a common area with a couch, coffee table, and two chairs.

The German volunteers are really sweet women and I am excited to spend the next 20 days with them. Twin sisters and the mom. They are all really nice to each other... I moved my room to the villa too, so we are all staying in Indy Villa.

Cristy left the same day the Germans arrived, which was Wednesday. It was great getting to know her and I know we will stay in touch. She wants me to record a yoga class for her and share it on YouTube. I have been meaning to make yoga videos to share to YouTube, but I haven’t made the time for it yet, maybe the time is now. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Before Cristy left, we spend a lot of time in the last 5 days finishing up her projects and completing last minute souvinear shopping. We also realeased some baby turtles to the ocean! Those little dudes are so cute!

Yesterday, I went to Colombo and the office of immigration and applied for an extension on my visa in Sri Lanka. I met a very sweet woman from South Africa who helped navigate me through the process. It was all pretty confusing and I am glad I had her help. she stayed with me the whole process. God bless her. Colombo is about 2 hours away and the process took almost 3 hours, so this was a huge chunk of my day.

Last week at some point, I bought a bag of kibble dog food. So, each morning, I wake up, walk around the property, and feed the dogs a hand full each. I feel like its our special moment to bond. I love it. Amma cooks rice veggies fish etc for them daily, but they still love their special morning nuggets with Tara. I know it. Haha

Cashew has her own room and bounces with excitement every time she hears me coming. She is now human attention spoiled and cries whenever she’s alone.

We also discovered that she is psychotic ally food aggressive.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned the Rottweilers we have. We have two. We have Mogus, the sweet Rottweiler who lives in the back of the pool house. He’s my favorite. He has allergies and super goopy eyes. He has huge paws and huge testicles. He has a favorite little lady puppy and he tries to mount her frequently. He reminds me of Grayson, but Grayson didn’t have his balls.

This is Castro. The other Rottweiler. He has aggressive tendencies. I imagine his previous owner abused him. I love his big ol’ block head. He doesn’t growl at me.

Then we have the five puppies. Riley is the smallest and sweetest and the other four are absolutely insane. We are working on separating the two biggest puppies because they are ganging up and attacking the smaller puppies. The things we could do with more SPACE. The animals we could save. Have I mentioned how much I love space!?! And need space? Haha

Tomorrow is the Stray Dog Project. My soul. We will make a huge amount of dog food, drive around, and feed the hungry stray dogs.

We haven’t don’t this yet, and I am hugely looking forward to it. Poor sweet angels. How can everyone ignore you like that?

Don‘t worry, Tara’s here.


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