• Tara B. Vasi

Day 29: Bangkok, Thailand. November 11th, 2019. Free day in Bangkok.

The overnight train comes to a screeching halt and I wake up around 5:30am. We are supposed to arrive in Bangkok around this time, but Sochea prepared us to be about two hours late, and we are. The crew is walking around and pretty much pulling down from our bunks so that they can fold up the beds and get the train ready for the day and the new group of travelers.

The train was hot and the lights were on all night for safety purposes. I tried to aim my little fan on my face to keep cool but couldn’t secure it well enough. I tied the plaid shirt my sister gave me around my eyes like a blind fold, but I could still see the light and big bugs walking around on the walls out of my blanketed peripheral. There was no locker or anything for my bags, so they sat out and I slept with my wallet, phone, passport, labby stone, and computer under my pillow and around my head space.

I didn’t take those photos. We get to BANGKOK without a problem and went for breakfast at a local cafe around 8am. We were told we couldn’t check into the hotel until 2pm, but we could leave our bags there while we explored Bangkok. I wasn’t super interested in exploring Bangkok anymore, as I had already seen many of the sites already, and it’s an over priced tourist trap, but also didnt want to waste my last full day on the tour doing nothing. I hung out for a while at the hotel, swam in the pool and researched yoga studios in the area. Drop in prices to most studios was around $25. Ugh. NTY.

Bryony and a few other people needed sleep, so slept in the lobby until the rooms were ready to check in. Some people wanted to see specific temples. I was indecisive. I wanted to drop laundry off to get washed and go to 711 for a strawberry yogurt. And then take it from there.

I met a Thai lady on the street at a red light and she was so excited to talk to me about Bangkok. She told me to take the hop on hop off ferry to the Grand Palace. I was really just heading out for a yogurt and intended to go back to the hotel, but instead found myself in a tuk tuk heading to the nearest pier.

The ferry experience was hilarious. the boat wouldn’t really park at each pier with ease, it would instead drive directing into the dock, hit the dock and then a crew guy would jump out and lasso a pole with a rope eventually tugging it to an almost complete stop. The attendants blew their whistles incessantly and would yell for people to get off and to get on rapidly. People were jumping from the dock on the boat even as the boat separated from the dock and started moving towards the middle of the river. Literally, a hop on, hop off Ferry.

The Grand Palace was insanely crowded with tourists, so I decided not to venture in. The enterence cost was high and you needed to cover your shoulders and ankles, and because I was really only stepping out to get a yogurt, I was not prepared. Honestly, I just didnt want to go, but I used that as an excuse. I could have absolutely bought something.

There were shops all over the place selling brightly colored elephant pants, scarves, dresses, etc etc… so I decided to indulge for others! Not to spoil the surprise but you are getting a Thai dress for Christmas!

I have been talking to the sweet and beautiful Maribeth from SuKha Yoga in Brick, New Jersey, the studio that I taught yoga at before I left for my adventures, and wanted to get some merchandise to her to sell at the studio.

You, Sukha members, are going to love the goodies! Dresses, elephant pants, elephant figurines! Get ‘em while you can! The shipment will be in… eventually…. Hahaha Quite the process at the post office!

The day is hot. I get a mango smoothie. I tool around Bangkok seeing sites from the outside, but do commit to entering any of them in fear of learning something. The tan lines become more distinct on my feet from my sweet Tevas.

I see Harris at the ferry pier and we travel back to the hotel together. I’m glad we had this time together so that we could get to know each other more. He is from London and a software tech. He is heading to a scuba adventure via overnight trains and was worried about sleeping so I shared with him some of my Melatonin.

We get back around 4:30pm. I check in and head up to the room. Miss sleepy head is still sleeping hahaha and I “rest my eyes” for about an hour before I know I have to start getting ready to head to our goodbye dinner. Bryony heads out to meet her new group. There is a day overlap and today she starts a new 34 day tour from Bangkok through Malaysia and Indonesia and ending at the Gili Islands. She doesn’t want a new group! And I don’t blame her! But, she knows she needs to give them a chance.

I take a long hot shower, then converse with a few potential clients about the retreat via Facebook messenger. I am so excited for them to join us in Sri Lanka! You should come too!! December 7th- 14th!! $750 for 7 nights. Hahah, its my blog and I can sell if I want to!! Xoxox

Olivia changes her travel plans to come back to Bangkok early because she misses the group. She misses Ali. I sit next to him at dinner and he is giddy with excitement to see Olivia again so soon. He has never had a woman go out of her way to do anything like this to be with him. He doesn’t know how to feel. I tell him that he deserves this and to embrace her love, her selflessness and her ability to follow her heart. He leaves and searches for flowers.

I eat vegetables and tofu and my side of rice arrives in the shape of a turtle. I feel a little bad dismantling it, but I am famished, so sorry rice turtle man. PS vegetable tofu stirfry with rice is getting REALLY OLD.

Bryony’s group enters the restaurant and sit on the other side of the dining area. Its like Bazzarro Jerry or like a scene out of a movie where the main character has an old group of friends and a new group of friends and she is torn as to which group to be a part of. She visits with us and hugs Sochea goodbye, but then eats dinner with her soon to be new friends.

Our group decides to go to one of the famous sky bars and tries to get me to come along with them, but I decline. I know the sky bar is ridiculously expensive and even though its the last night with the group, decide I just can’t spend $40 on a sprite. I decide instead to get a massage and head back to the hotel.

The 60 minute Thai massages are listed for 300 baht but I negotiate a price of 200baht for the hour which is about $7.

The massage is just what I need. The ligament in my lower back keeps popping out. I can replace it with self massage, but its nothing like a professional Thai Massage, most likely my last one in Thailand. I head back to the hotel room and hang out with Bryony a little before we head to sleep. I book my flight to Sri Lanka and meet a sweet new friend named Christina via FB messenger, that comes from Sukha Yoga in Brick. She has never traveled abroad before and has decided to join us in Sri Lanka! I am so excited for her to experience the transformation that comes from traveling and attending a Yoga Service Retreat with Let’s Imagine. I fall asleep excited to share the news with Kim and Chamara.

And I can’t believe I am flying to BALI tomorrow to start a new tour with G-Adventures! Holy Moly!

I could never have predicted all of this for myself. I am beyond blessed for each flight I’ve boarded, each person I’ve connected with, each country I have explored, each opportunity that has presented itself, and each adventure small and large that has happened along the way. It’s amazing the things that can happen in your life when you open yourself up to the universe and choose growth.


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