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Day 3: Workshops and hacky sack

The roosters start their “song” and I wake up around 5am. I don’t mind. I start my day by going down the stairs to the kitchen to make myself a cup of instant coffee labeled “Super Rich” and its like each time I drink it, I nod my head and think, Yeaaaah, yeah I am. Not because I have a lot of money, (which I don’t) but I feel super rich in the way that I value and have gratitude for all the abundance of love and life around me. Rich in life experience. Thats me, bling bling,

I coax the sun out from behind the trees with five sun salutation A’s and two Sun Salutation B’s, to make seven total sun salutations. Seven the number of completion. I have always loved number and color symbolism. I remember writing an in-depth essay in Ms Preskines’s AP English class about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight on the symbolism of the color green and I am not even sure if the homework was assigned. I try to practice my yoga sequence ( and sometimes do other things) in a numerical order that makes sense to me, but is not obsessive. I also favor certain colors to wear and just in general and I believe each person is drawn to a specific color though it can go in phases. You’ll probably never see me in a red shirt, a color that’s associated with rage, aggression, but also passion and intimacy. Its also the color of the root chakra, so maybe that’s one of the reasons my root chakra often feels so blocked. I don’t wear much orange or yellow either the more I think about it, though my creativity and self esteem seem to be operating quite fine most of the time.

Frank taught a Gentle Flow class at 6:30am that lasted about an hour. The sun continued to rise as we practice and it was like Mother Nature was turning the volume up on the chirping birds as it grew later and later in the morning. The fresh Thai air is like nothing else, and being aware of your breath and fulling up more completely is even more of a treat when the air smells this sweet. I didnt want to pull myself out of savasana, but heard we were having soup for breakfast so found a way to move my body to the dining room. Hot soup is my favorite thing, regardless of the temperature. I have probably said that once or twice before and this blog is only a week old, but I just want to make sure you know how serious I am about hot soup. I filled three bowls and savored every last drop. Eat, Pray, Love, Baby.

We planned to stay at the resort all day and focus on resting and workshops. At 10:30am we had a Thai Cooking workshop where we learned how to make our own authentic Pad Thai noodles. I opted for a little more yoga practice and missed the beginning of the workshop, but was offered samples of everyones Pad Thai creation at the end.

Frank busted out a hacky sack and I was immediately transported back to freshman year at Bridgewater state college circa 2003. Sweet Sack Bro. A group of us stoner types would circle around out front of the dorm and hacky sack for hours upon hours. I had dread locks and looked straight homeless in baggy pants and bob Marley t-shirts. Obviously I had berks. I dated a musician at BSC from south of Boston. He would write songs about us and play them on his acoustic guitar. My friends and I would follow him around to his shows like cute little stoner groupies. Some of the best times I have had in my life was my first year of college. I still keep in touch with some of my roommates and I think they are still the most amazing women Xoxox Trisha, Trish the Dish, and Stephanie, FIRE. We ate so many buffalo chicken calzones while intoxicated that year and why why did the Bar let us in without any sort of identification and why why why did we go there wearing feather boa’s?

Despite the marijuana use and the hacky time away from the library, I made mostly A’s my first year. Unfortunately, the last few weeks of school I found myself in a sticky situation with the campus police and the administration kindly asked me to leave and never come back. We wanted to hire one lawyer but he wouldn’t represent me if I had dread locks, so we found one that would, though I wore a scarf over my hair when I went to court.

In the past, I would often imagine my life had that incident not happened. I would have most likely stayed all four years and graduated from BSC. I would have stayed closer to home and have kept the same rad group of girls as friends, but that would mean I never would have gone to Vermont, or studied abroad with Champlain college or worked at VPB. Maybe then I would never have moved to San Diego. I was so devastated over what happened at BSC because I thought I was meant to go down that road at that time, but little did I know, that was never the road I was meant to go down, and the road for me is exactly the one I chose.

Frank and I hacky sacked for at least an hour in the scorching hot sun. He had some pretty sweet moves for a forty something year old energy healer yogi, We had a guest appearance by Nicole, the writer, for ten or so minutes because we decided she needed to take a break from working on her laptop.

I obviously tried to play the hacky sack off the roof. I go out of my way to use the outside my foot instead of the instep, just like in tennis I go out of my way to use my back hand instead of my forehand.

Frank just walked by and I told him I was writing about him and he said thank you and kept walking, haha

Then I ate three mini apple/pear hybrid fruit things that I forget the name.

We had a writing workshop let by Nicole. She gave us each a journal and pen. She suggested us start writing by tuning into our senses: what do we hear, smell, touch, see and taste? I use this tool at the beginning of my yoga classes to assist students in becoming more present in the moment. Nicole had us write a list of the things that I love and I got so excited and couldn’t stop the pen from gliding along the page. I love my family. I love yoga. I love Thailand. I love dogs. I love my friends. I love Thailand. I love yoga retreats. I love writing. I love my body. I love soup. I love Thailand. I felt like a kid doing an assignment incorrectly, because it was SO EASY to pour the love on to the page.

Nicole and I have talked quite a bit about writing and she gave me some tips on how to further my career as a writer.

We ate the most delicious dinner of Tom Kah soup and Massaman chicken.

For desert we had fancy shaped jello flower made with condensed milk.

I’m pretty sure I remember my sister taking a bite out of a pat of butter in the shape of a flower thinking it was a cookie.

We talked about the day to come. Tomorrow we start the day 6:30am Bootcamp style yoga and then head to the school to feed and play with the children. We will visit a pottery place that everyone refers to as the Pottery Barn. It’s not the store And they aren’t wrong. It’s pretty much a barn and they do pretty much make and sell pottery.

We will then swing through a market and a silk making shop and that will be our last full day in Korat, Thailand.


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