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Day 5: Goodbye Korat, Hello Krabi

My alarm went off at 4:30am and it was still completely dark outside. Even the roosters were still asleep. I snoozed once or twice to see if I could jump back into a dream I was having about a little girl and car that I described in my last blog post.

I wanted to have enough time to practice yoga before leaving the retreat center because I loved my time at the retreat center so much and I didnt know when I would return, but I also knew that we had a three hour bus van ride and a flight to Krabi planned for that day. I made a cup of coffee and walked up the stairs to the yoga space. Nim and Frank were already there. My body was a bit stiff and even my mind felt a bit sluggish, but I am used to that in the mornings at this point at least some of the time.

I started to move as the sun rose and it was sheer magic. The more I focus on my breath to movement, the more the dance of yoga truly seeps into my entire system. The roosters started going off, like seriously going off. I was in lizard lunge picturing roosters in big trucks revving their engines at a red light competing for who could be the loudest rooster around. I was mid flow, and a thought popped into my head, “Oh, I can use my laundry bag for my sneakers,” and then I went back to my breath and back to the moment at hand.

I made a time lapse video of the practice and it was exactly what I wanted to capture, my yoga practice and the world around me going from complete darkness to light. This happens in some practices more then others, but as I lay in fetal pose at the end, a symbol of rebirth and renewal, I felt like that was exactly what was happening as I moved forward with my day and off my mat.

We had hot soup for breakfast. I really didnt want to leave. We packed and met at the gate. Nim’s mom, aunt, and uncle gave us all hugs goodbye and we bowed our heads to them in appreciation for taking such special care of us. Her aunt called our to me, “SOY” which means “You are beautiful.”

I had every intention to sleep during the bus van ride to the airport, but there was too much to see and too much to talk about. Also, too many snacks. There was a lady selling doughnuts on the street so we ran out and got three bags for $3 USD. We had wrapped banana chips, mango cakes, and durian crisps. Judy said ‘You are the smallest person, and you always have the most snacks’, and I have never been more flattered by any observation ever.

Someone got the dried cuttlefish again and stunk up the bus. Nicole told me that cuttlefish aren’t really fish at all, but more like octopus and have bright colored tentacles that change colors. They can even morph their shape. They are pretty much from another planet. I will look more into this.

We discussed the Pranang Cave that we were going to visit the following day on our boat ride and the general consensus was that you should be careful where you sit.

The city Of Bangkok was an absolute zoo. Cars, trucks, buses, motor bikes, pedestrians, everywhere. I saw 5 people on one motorbike and at least two of they were young young children and then the other two were holding on with one hand and looking at their phone with the other. The river was brown and there were tiny little shacks that lines the rivers edge made out of wood and sheet metal and hanging pieces of cloth. There were stray dogs all over the place.

We got to the airport quite early and went through security. The security lady looking at the scanner was not paying attention at all, so we all went by without an issue. I had to take a brief stop at the “Recomposure Area” even though all my belongings were together, just to stop and breath.

Maddy, Nicole, and I, posted up at a coffee show to do some “work”. Apparently there is a website that will show you your love line if you input your your DOB and time of birth. Maddy’s love line went right through Bali and she told us that she was there a few weeks ago shooting a video for a yoga retreat and met a boy. I didnt check my love line, but I have a feeling it won’t be running through New Jersey.

I left tootsie rolls and dum dums on the table as we left the cafe and the servers were not nearly excited about the gift as the Thai children were, though they did take a picture with them in their hands before they threw them in the trash.

I sat next to Bill on the flight. He was in the military for years and years and currently builds rocket ships. I was telling him how I wanted to visit Turkey and see the hot air balloons. He said that he lived there for three years. He also told me that Turkey was just invaded by Syria, or maybe its the other way around, but its a big deal, and right now the US is not involved. I’ll hold off on visiting Turkey for a while. He’s been “dad-ing” me this whole time, making sure I don’t fall when I get off the bus, offering me water and bites of his fancy cakes, and waiting for me when I was the last person to get off the plane. What a jerk.

Krabi was in the middle of a down pour. The bus driver kept running through red lights, and I am wondering if they were just a suggestion. We arrived at the resort and they greeted us with umbrellas and walked us in to reception. The rooms are about a half mile straight up a giant hill, so we took the truck and because it was open in the back had to hold on to our belongings for dear life. The resort was beautiful. They did not allow Durian.

I need to try this awful fruit immediately so that I know what all the fuss is about!

I roomed with Devina who lives in Philly. She is such a sweet woman. She is a social worker that supports people on the spectrum and helps them with their living arrangements, jobs, finances, and anything else they need help with. She is a super patient person and has a great sense of humor.

Frank and I practiced yoga to work out some of that travel stickiness and then headed out to get some food outside of the resort. Massaman curry and Tom Kat soup. It was deliscious. There was only one key to our room, so unfortunately I ended up locking Devina out for an hour or so. It was pretty much Franks fault and luckily, she didnt murder me in my sleep.

I passed out around ten, but kept waking up because I was feeling pretty itchy. It’s a five star resort, wby would I need my sleeping sheet?


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