• Tara B. Vasi

Day 6: Boat Rides and penis shrines

I slept in today to 5:45 am. I used to think it was crazy to get up before the sun, but this is the person I have become. And you know what, I like it.

I held my pee all night because I didnt want to wake up my roommate but when the roosters started popping off, I figured my noise would blend right in. My leg was full of mosquito bites and I was up all night scratching them, but I didnt really think anything of it.

We went to the pool to meditate for sunrise. Its been so amazing waking up with the sun these last few days.

Todays agenda consists of our breakfast buffet... mmm...

They don’t have a dog named coffee but they have an espresso machine.

Today we head to the beach where we would hop on a boat and cruise around the Indian Ocean to four islands.

I had a great conversation with Nim, checking in with her about the progress of the retreat. I asked Her to please utilize me more as her assistant And we talked about doing another retreat together Next year.

We took two trucks, Nim in one with half the people and me in the other with the other half. We drove the 1.5 miles to the beach, eager for our day.

We got on the boat and lathered up with sunscreen conga line style. We drove about half hour forty five minutes to our first island where we all jumped in the water and splashed around for a while.

The water was clear, bright blue, and WARM. We got there before 9am, so had the island to ourself. Maddy, who is licensed to own and operate a drone, brought her toy out to play.

She shot a rad video of us all running and jumping in the water and I can’t wait to see it. And then the Policia came and told her she wasn’t allowed to fly a drone, put it away immediately, and stood over her as she deleted the footage. She didnt delete anything because that’s not how drones work, but the guy was satisfied with her head nod and left us alone after that.

Nim, Tracy, Kathy and I went for a walk around the island and found a great spot for a photo shoot.

We took turns playing model and photographer prompting the model to “show me happy”. Tyra Banks would have been SO proud and definitely would have awarded one of us America’s next top model.

Side note: I don’t think I’m ever going to wear makeup again.

I brought my labradorite stone and Frank cleaned it for me and now it is shinier and bluer and so so beautiful.

Our next voyage was for a good snorkeling spot and we went by what the captain said was the most popular snorkeling spot but said there were sharks in the water and it probably wasn’t a good idea to snorkel there. PROBABLY NOT A GOOD IDEA. Ugh, everything I even think of snorkeling I think of the poor girl that was in the Bahamas with her family and was snorkeling off the boat and her parents watched her being eaten by a shark. I’m ALL SET.

I tried to talk Maddy into scanning our surrounding area for sharks with her drone, but I think she thought I was kidding. We went to another spot off the coast of the islands and everyone jumped in the water to snorkel. I stayed in the boat because I like my limbs.

I did jump off the side of the boat a few times but booked it for the ladder pretty much right after I hit the water, because, you know, life.

We drove past chicken island, its an island that looks like a chicken, not an island that has a bunch of chickens on it.

The last spot was definitely a tourist hot spot. We got there around 11:30am. Pranang Cave is just one part of the island and is a shrine dedicated to fertility and is pretty much a cave with a giant penis statues. The ongoing joke was “be careful where you sit.”

There were a few other beautiful caves but those came without an abundance of penisis.

Photo’s don’t do this place justice.

I met four girls ( one of whom too the above pictures). They were roommates in college but Went there separate ways after graduation. They got together to travel to Thailand for a vacation. They asked where I was from and I said San Diego. I’m not sure why.

We were in the water for our final dip and a group of monkeys started fighting and holy moly it was like a scene out of the movie Jumanji. Aww Robin William’s RIP.

I started feeling a little light headed towards the end of the day and assumed it was dehydration. I had to take it pretty easy when we got back from the boat ride. I got some coconut water and took ibuprofen.

I got an hour long Thai Massage for 250 baht which is about 8 USD at a place called The Greatest Massage and ate a strawberry yogurt for dinner.


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