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Day 7 Sri Lanka (57): Sunrise yoga, village walkabout, Moonshine Mine💙💜

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The puppy alarm clock wakes me up again. I snag him by the back of his neck and take him down to pee. I boil water for coffee and prepare my tray to bring upstairs to the dining area. Today I have vanilla protein to mix with the instant coffee. It tastes ok, but could still use a little milk and sugar. I haven’t figured out the perfect cup of coffee yet, but I am working hard to sort it out ASAP.

I take my yoga mat and head up three flights of stairs to the overlook for a sunrise yoga practice. The asanas I choose to incorporate in my yoga practice lately are basic to say the least. I commit to focusing mainly on my breath to movement and finding that sweet void in between my thoughts. The asanas aren’t my hang up anyway, staying present has always been the most challenging for my pitta personality. I begin with sun salutations, lunges, and twists. I don’t film my practice. When I do that, sometimes I feel like I am practicing for the wrong reasons, or for someone else. The sky is colorful and the practice revitalizing. Everything is ok.

Fruit and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Pretty much my ideal breakfast, though I need to remember to get salt and pepper next time I go to the grocery store.

We don’t have a plan for the day. We don’t have the internet and it’s all a bit worrisome. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but there is only so much yoga and meditation I can do… I accidentally drop my phone in the lotus planter pool. I have no idea how I lost hold of it, but it flipped a few times and fell right into the water. I grabbed it quickly and besides a chip in the case, the phone works fine. Good karma coming back, I think?

I want to walk about the village. I haven’t been out of the villa by foot on my own, and I need to explore at least to not feel like some sort of prisoner. I can leave whenever I want, don’t get me wrong, we just haven’t the opportunity and there really isn’t much going on in walking distance anyway. I come from a walking family and my legs are dying for exercise, and I am dying for a solo adventure.

Vera comes. She still isn’t feeling well, and isn’t really into it, but comes with me anyway. She has her umbrella for shade and long sleeves to protect her skin from the sun. We walk a little ways down the road, but she wants to turn around and head back. Chamara said we can go into town, so I am hoping to walk around there and scope out the scene.

We head out to drop laundry. We start driving passed an outside market and I ask if we can stop and walk around, but continue going down the road. We stop at a mask museum and are a little confused but get out and walk around the museum. I don’t like not having a plan or knowing where we are going. The communications a bit lost in the van. We drive quite a bit to a neighboring down and pull into the Moonstone Mine. I had no idea we were going here, but SWEET! I am pumped!

Chamara mentioned the moonstone mine once, I remember. We meet our guide. He shows us the mine, which is essentially a big hole with bamboo steps and boards to stop the walls from caving in. They haven’t been able to mine for days because of the rain, but at the time we were there there were 4 guys down in the mine digging for moonstone. There was a plastic bottle attached to a pipe that the men used to communicate, like two soup cans connected by a string. Our guide churned up a bucket of sand and stone and another guy put a scoop into a big strainer and jumped in a little pool to strain out the small grains of sand. He got out and started shifting the remaining bits around looking for moonstone or other precious stones. They found amethyst, quarts, ruby, sapphire, you name it, they have found it, but the majority of the stones they find are moonstone. He brings us into the show room where all the largest precious stones are displayed. It felt like I walked right into Salted Gems in Lavalette, NJ. The energy was unreal. I tried to talk energy with Vera and Chamara, but they didnt respond. Haha. I walked into the jewelry show room and started looking around. Oh boy. Well, ok…. I guess this is happening…

Before I know it, I am trying on rings and then I am choosing a stone from this ring and a setting from this case and then I am drinking coffee waiting for the jeweler to create my masterpiece. I wanted something simple, yet special. Don’t we all, ammiright?

Vera and Chamara were very patient while we waited about a half hour for the creation. I am thrilled with the final product. I love that I found a moonstone with a purple tint and the setting looks like a wave. Forever a symbol of my time in Sri Lanka.

We headed back for lunch. Rice, vegetables, chicken. After lunch, I laid down and completely crashed. I woke up to a knock at my door saying dinner was ready. Whoa, I just ate lunch haha. I didnt feel hungry, but I had a scoop of vegetables and hung out with puppy. We discussed sending Vera off the next day via the local train station. After Chamara and I would go to the temple.

And shot, I needed to dress in all white and didn’t have clothes, so Chamara and I zipped out to a store to buy me a white skirt and a white long sleeved shirt. I snag a big Sri Lanka elephant mug to use for my morning coffee. The rain poured down hard. He picked me up at the front door of the store so that I didnt get wet.

I got back to the villa, watched a little TV, and fell asleep quickly. I feel most comfortable in my room. I wish puppy could come in with me, but he’s not allowed inside the villa. I totally understand and will respect.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Vera. Its the first of the month, and in the Buddhist tradition you deliver offerings and prayer for an abundant and healthy month. My alarm was set for 4:30am, because I couldn’t rely on puppy for this one. I have no idea what to expect from the coming day, but I am looking forward to asking for blessings because truly, I really have no idea what to expect from the next month either, but I am open to its greatness.


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