• Tara B. Vasi

Day 8/47: Gili T, Lombak. Bike ride, god damn swing photos, Food Poisoning

I wake up many times in the middle of the night to expel my insides. I sleep until 11am, but when I wake up I feel just as ill and as exhausted as when I initially laid down the night before. The right side of my neck and shoulder is one big knot. Ugh WTF is happening to my paradise?

The combination of coffee, over ripe bananas, two salads most likely washed in shit water, and gelato from the day before, definitely did not make my digestive system happy. Why, Oh, Why did I get a taco salad in an Irish Pub in Indonesia?

I don’t want this whole food poisoning thing to ruin my day, so I loosely pull myself together and follow my original plan of renting a bicycle and circling the island.

I find a cute cafe called Kayu Cafe, and order a coffee and a smoothie bowl and surprisingly keep it all down. I “What about Bob?” Mmmm… my smoothie bowl, just like I ate the gelato the night before.

I walk down the main drag in search of a bike rental place and find one straight away. I see no one may the shop right away and then a see a man pop up with a giant dreadlock sticking straight up from the top of his head. I rent a bike for 24 hours for 50 000 rupiah or about $3.5.

its mid day and I see guys napping in the carts attached to the horses. Some of the horse are standing in direct sunlight while their master is shaded. I give a few guys shit and they just ignore me. The pictures show a few of the horses shade but I can assure you many were not.

I bike the circumference of the island, which is about 4 miles. There are moments when the sand gets too soft to bike through, so I need to get off my bike and walk. The path is really bumpy and I for sure bruise my pelvic floor. The path splits a few times. I go the wrong way here and there and need to turn around and go back. We are supposed to stay left, but some people, more specifically the Americans, are definitely more inclined to stay right, so there are moments of close collision.

I say no thank you about one million times to men asking me if I want to go snorkeling. The other side of the island is much more my style, laid back, quiet, pristine. There is a place called Sea Turtle Beach and I can see sea turtles popping their heads out of the water from the shore. I pass by goats, cows, chickens, cats, and the many many horse drawn cart. I haven’t seen one dog on the island the entire time I have been here.

I make the full loop and head back to the hotel to get my tripod thinking a time lapse of the bike ride will make for a rad video. I get caught on the toilet for a half hour. I run in to some of the girls in the group and they are about the bike the island. I join them and lead them to show them the way.

One of the girls heard great things about a cool beach bar on sunset beach named Exile, so we bike around the island to find it. We do and see exactly what all the hype is about. There are bean bag like chairs, hammocks, recliners, and swings. They offer food and drink and the best view on the island for sunset. People live up to take a photo on the swing during sunset. One guy falls off the swing into the water and everyone laughs. We meet a sweet horse named Gili and Gili’s dad assures me that he gets enough food, water, rest and love.

I have a delicious lychee iced tea and tons and tons of water, but continue to feel shakey the whole day.

We stay until the sunsets and then head back towards the main drag. The girls are going back to shower and meet the group for dinner. I detour to a massage parlor. That’s three massages, three days in a row. Holy moly, I am so spoiled.

I’m hoping she can work out the tension in the right side of my neck. I text message Fahar that I will not be attending group dinner.

I went to the bathroom before the massage and surprising made it through the whole hour without having to get up to use the toilet or accidentally shitting the bed. Probably TMI, I’m aware.

The massage felt amazing though the pressure wasn’t deep enough, but it hardly ever is in my opinion. I think some masseuses are scared to break me. I leave still not being able to turn my head and I fear being run over by a horse.

I am not hungry, but I feel like I should eat something?? I get a piece of vegetable pizza and take it back to the room, really trying not to roll my eyes at the people trying to sell me things or the carefree partiers along the way. I eat some of it and then my mouth and palms start to sweat and that’s when the vomiting begins. I think, now we are talking some proper food poisoning.

I have a TV and a show about Cris Angel comes on so I watch and learn what a tool Cris Angel really is.

He’s good at what he does though, like seriously, how did he make an entire ship appear in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Cabo, Mexico? Theres no way he magically made it appear. WTF? How does he do this kind of thing? Levitate. Isn’t magic just extremely good manipulation and illusion? But how?

Sweet Laura brings me another bottle of water. The AC in the room doesn’t work, so I lay in my bed sweating. I take more medicine and finally fall asleep until I am woken back up with stomach rumbles. Bali Belly, you totally got me. (Even though I am technically in Lombak)


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