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Day 8: Hot Springs, Emerald Pool, Elephants tomorrow

I had to miss morning yoga because I am still feeling quite sick. I don’t want to talk about it. I am pretty sure its bronchitis, but I am not a doctor, just a phlegm creator, with 1000 lb head and tight lungs. My happiness hangover is continuing. Thats what I get for being so happy!

If I don’t feel better tomorrow I am going to get antibiotics. They sell them over the counter. I can’t go on like this. I can’t be sick for the elephants tomorrow.

The group met for breakfast at the buffet and I had a few fried eggs and a latte. Many people in the group asked me how I was feeling and it was sweet to know they cared. They all really rallied together to share their medicine with me. Truly sweet people. Even though I was still feeling under the weather, I didnt want to miss out on the Hot Springs and the Emerald pool, so I pulled myself together and went along with the plan.

We split up in two vans and drove forty five minutes to the hot spring. The weather was mild so early in the day and the hot spring was not as hot as I expected. They suggest you only bathe in the spring for 15-20 minutes. I stewed myself for about ten before I felt myself shriveling up inside and out and had to pull myself out with the little strength I had left and chugged water.

There were multiple bowls of rock making pools of water and there were small waterfalls flowing from one pool into the other.

The water finally ran into this bigger pool that was a chocolatey colored brown, like the chocolate river in Willy Wanka and the Chocolate factory, but, from what I could Imagine, with dinosaurs in it. Ohh Augustus Gloop, you just couldn’t help yourself.

We left the hot springs and stopped at 711 because that’s what we do. The 711 in Thailand have it all and our group loves to snack and frequently needs the bathroom. I typically need a snack or a break and just to be clear am absolutely fine with it.

We got to the entrance of the Emerald Pool and it was much more busy then the last spring. There were armed guards and they were checking peoples bags. They didnt let people bring in food so there was a bunch of bags of food hanging from nails on this wooden plank by the entrance. At first I thought it was an offering for monks. Once we passed “security” we hiked (walked on dirt in the jungle?) to the Emerald Pool. I had a hard time catching my breath but my ego and I made it there without needing to take a break.

We almost couldn’t even see the pool because there were so many people in it. Maddy said it best when she said “it looked like a public pool in the middle of summer on a Saturday.” It was true. Families had floaties for their kids and couples made kissy faces at selfie sticks. Bags and shoes lined the edge of the pool.

The color of the pool was a bright turquoise from what we could see and the temperature was much cooler then the hot spring (obvi). I made note to make sure the next time I lead a retreat that we plan to visi the Hot Spring and the Emerald Pool on a weekday.

Maddy, Nicole and I found a little corner of pool that had a little waterfall that wasn’t crowded with other people and starting photo shooting hard. I’ll post more pictures when Maddy transfers them off her real camera.

I started acting soap opera sexy and realized that I am not good at acting, not one ounce sexy, nor do I know how to be, which makes the video even funnier! Don’t go one second taking it seriously!! Its definitely fun being friends with a videographer! Especially one with a great sense of humor. I am so glad I met this fantastic woman!

On the way back we took a different route and stumbled upon a pool that was hidden, pristine and unspoiled by tourists.

That pool was more like the Emerald Pool I had in mind. We stopped to take a few yoga photos.

We had some lunch (Chicken fried rice and Vegetables for the win) and shopped around. The majority of the stores were selling flowy pants and dresses and I just could not resist.

Really what I wanted to do was get a cute outfit to wear to see the elephants tomorrow, because I wanted to look pretty for them. I hope they like it! Haha! I am so excited to meet them!!!

I got a grilled ear of corn and a unicorn ice cream cone because that seemed like a good combination. No, I didn’t get a picture. The unicorn ice cream cone was purple and blue swirled and had edible sparkling pearls at the top. I was by far the coolest kid on the block. I started eating it and was impressed. I said, this ice cream is my jaaaam. I took another bite, and the ice cream had strawberry jam in the middle and went all the way down to the bottom of the cone. Hey, Now. The ice cream had jam and was my jam! How perfect. We couldn’t eat in the van and my jam unicorn cone was the last thing I bought so I ended up just jamming it down my throat and getting in the AC. So much jam.

We got back the resort around 3:30pm and booked the Elephant Sanctuary for the following day. Did I mention that we are going to see elephants tomorrow?

Nim, Frank, and I had a meeting to discuss future retreats. She was loving our energy, enthusiasm and how we interacted with the group. She invited us to help out on more retreats in January 2020 and October 2020 and we talked about how I could make a career out of leading yoga retreats around the world, blending my two passions, yoga and travel. We will continue to discuss how to make that happen for me. I would absolutely blog about the experiences too. I wouldn’t let you guys down.

If you want to come on a retreat to Thailand with me, let ME know how I can make that happen for YOU.

I am resting up for the rest of the night because I have to be big and strong for the elephants tomorrow.

It’s our last full day of the retreat tomorrow and the following day, Sunday, we fly back to Bangkok and go our separate ways. The retreat will be over and my backpacking journey will begin.

Our group has become so close. Seriously. Everyone gets along. There aren’t smaller groups within the group or any tension between people whatsoever ever. I will miss them all so much. They all are caring, funny, and down to have a good time!

We have all exchanged information so that we can stay in touch. I am so glad the universe needed for us to meet and allow us the opportunity to discover Thailand together.

We are going to have such a great time together at the Elephant Sanctuary tomorrow. Did I mention that already?

I charged my Labby under the full moon tonight and it started to snap lightning. Safe to say it’s now powerfully charged.


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