• Tara B. Vasi

I’m on the plane so... so far so good.

TSA didn’t find my one edible or half Xanax and I successfully boarded my first flight out of Newark on the way to Bangkok, Thailand.

Thanks for the ride Uncle Rick! Look Jother, it’s the plaid shirt you gave me! Look Mom, I’m wearing the Labby necklace.

First stop Seattle with a four hour layover, then Tokyo for a three hour layover, then Bangkok. 37 hours total Flight time (though the numbers don't add up when I try to figure it out) then four hour van ride to the retreat center in Korat. We will arrive at the retreat center around 6am. I’m jet lagged just thinking about it, though without multiple in flight cocktails, I am sure it won't be as bad as it was in the past.

I’m going to airport yoga so hard on my layovers.

Im not sure where I was going or where I was laying over but one time I was doing airport yoga and was joined by a couple, man and woman, and ended up guiding them through some stretches. They were so thankful and we had so much fun!

Yoga should really be offered at airports for travelers. Maybe that will be my new venture, Airport Yoga, from floor to flight.


I am just not even interested!

Too much too soon, Universe!!

Pat pat. I’m going to go ahead and congratulate myself here. For choosing this, all of this, for choosing growth and recovery and for all the hard work associated with it. Thank you, Tara for believing in yourself And your worth. Thank you Tara for not settling, ever, for a life you weren’t 💯 fascinated by, for transforming your darkness into light (working on it every day), for grabbing life by the balls, taking it all in, and following your dreams!

Thank you to everyone that has supported my journey this far. 💜

If I can do it, so can you.

Catch ya on the flip side, Jers.


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