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I'm only human after all #coffeecreamerdreamer #tarasalwayscrying Flight deets and this and that.

Updated: Oct 5, 2019


Flight #1: Newark, NJ to Seattle, WA- I did not bring my gigantic pink hydro flask and I realize that might be more of a security blanket then my coffee creamer. My biggest fear is dying of thirst.

TSA flagged my stuff and went through my entire bag, pulling everything out to inspect with rubber gloves and a little pokey stick thing. I was nervous they would somehow locate my square pink edible mixed in with my red and purple berry shaped ADULT gummy vitamins, but, in the end I am pretty sure my bag was flagged because they thought my tripod was a firearm. When they pulled out the tripod, they seemed almost disappointed. Sorry dudes. Not trying to kill people just take yoga photos.

I repacked, rolling my tank tops into little hot dogs and whilst rearranging, I dropped my entire first aid kid, so it spewed the contents on the airport floor including the excessive amount of tampons and anti-diarrhea pills I was carrying just in case the literal shit hit the literal fan.

6 hour flight. It ruled. I had the whole row of three seats to myself. I napped, watched Modern Family, and ate an orange. I love flying.

Seattle, WA- Layover #1- Seattle Airport is full of attractive mountain men. Note: Look into moving to Seattle. Female musician playing acoustic guitar with the voice of an angel. Many many Cobb salad options here. I repeat, look into moving to Seattle.

Friend Frank is a member at the United Club Lounge. We are drinking coffee and lounging like bosses. Flights delayed an hour, but whatever, more coffee and brownies for me.

Flight #2: Seattle, WA to Tokyo, Japan-

i Was brushing my teeth in the bathroom near the gate preparing to board and heard my name called over the loud speaker. Obviously my first thought was, I’m in trouble, what went wrong? Like, i was being called to the principals office. I went to the desk and the ladies told me I was selected to get a free upgrade to business economy! That will definitely make the 10 hour flight more comfortable! Speaking of comfort, I am definitely getting more comfortable with good things happening to me! Maybe at some point, I’ll truly believe that everything in life is rigged in my favor instead of the odds being stacked against me.

#learning #goodthingshappentogoodpeople

#boss #tokyo

UPDATE: I am in TOKYO JAPAN. Its very clean. Business economy was lovely. I watched four movies and couldn't really get any sleep, but maybe that's because the first movie I watched was DUMBO and cried like a little baby, even if they were freed at the end, holy hell.

Rocketman- cried

Alladin Remake- cried. Love.

Star is born- cried. And I had seen it before.

Faith in our Stars- or something like that. Cried.

Conclusion: Thailand is far away and Tara is always crying.


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