• Tara B. Vasi

January 19th: Lost and Found

Today, I fly to Myanmar. (Mee ann mar) Burma is so much easier to say.

I didn't have a chance to print my EVISA for Myanmar the day before so I wake up early to get to a print shop. It’s closed, and I can't decide if its closed down for good, or just not open yet.

Back at the hotel, the woman at the desk says she can print the EVISA for me, no problem. My turquoise osprey backpack, small duffel bag and I graciously accept the printed EVISA in exchange for 5 baht and check out. I can’t believe I stayed at this place a week. When I arrived, I was in a completely different headspace then I was today. I thank everyone very much for their hospitality.

I call a GRAB car (bike wouldn’t work with my baggage) to the airport but request to stop at the massage parlor on the way to check for my earring one last time.

The GRAB driver stops in front of where I think the massage place is located. I run to the doors as they are opening, only to find out that it’s a gift shop. Damn. Are we sure I am not concussed? All those years of drinking fried my brain?

Where the hell is this place? I get back into the cab and call it a loss. I tried. All right, well, off to the airport.

We are heading out of Old Town when we pass by and I recognize the ACTUAL massage place, on the left by a brick wall. It looks exactly like the other location, but the brick is painted white.

I ask for him to please please please stop quickly, so I run to check for the earring.

I see the woman that massaged me through the window. This is the place!

I start to ramble, I was here the other day, I lost an earring, maybe it's in the changing room, blah blah. Another woman starts responding to my inquiries, and I can only assume its because she understands English better.

I hold up the earring that I have.

She says she found an earring! I get so excited, my knees buckle a little and both my hands go directly to my heart.

She goes to a drawer, pulls it open, and presents to me this super big hoop earring. I tell her that’s not it.

All I can think is, “The bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe,” channeling Hanna Freidman.

I ask her if I can check the changing room, which looks more like a small detached wooden sauna without the heat. The earring has fallen off a thousand times when I have changed clothes before. It has to be there. It WILL be there.

I turn on the flashlight on my phone and start looking in between the floorboards. There are an alarming amount of dead bugs and bobby pins on the concrete below.

I SEE IT! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I SEE MY EARRING!!! The beautiful blue and green stone sparkles against the light from my torch. I try to reach for it but its too low and my fingers too sausage.

I cannot believe its there! I am so glad I went back!

One of the Thai ladies reaches her tiny Thai hand in and pulls it out. There are four of us crowding around the changing room about to celebrate. Just as I am about to thank her profusely, she accidentally drops it back in! Everyone gasps!

After a few tries, she gets ahold of it again, pulls it out, and hands me the earring. I am so happy, I start to tear up. Jesus, even I didnt realize how much these earrings meant to me.

Subconsciously, I hold both earrings to my heart, uniting us all again.

I thank them all so much and run back to my cab. The cabbie looks concerned and makes sure I am ok, but I assure him that I am very very full.

I put the earrings in my ears immediately and shake my head a little while looking out the window, humored by the situation and how the universe works. These earrings have been with me through EVERYTHING this last year.

Some things are meant to stay lost, and some things are meant to be found...

Ok, I am ready to go to the airport now.


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