• Tara B. Vasi

Packing: the essentials and a few drops of "home"

How does one really pack for a 45 day gallivant around South East Asia? How does one anticipate all they will 'need' when visiting a foreign land and properly or at least attempt to prepare for all the things that COULD happen, like getting sick, hot, itchy, cold, wet, etc etc?

Let's be real, packing ensues overanalyzation of future circumstances and this is why so many people put it off for the last minute, because its like temporarily ok'ing anxiety for the sake of getting out of the damn house.

I have been tracking the weather for the areas that I will visit and its been consistently inconsistent, so I'm preparing for hot, but rainy, mountainous, yet beachy.

On top of that, I'll really be doing it all, too, so I'll need all sorts of different footwear, apparel, and protection!

I've been packing for two weeks now.... Sooo... Type A. I have always been an organized person, though, never one to leave things for the last minute. Choosing the clothes I wanted to take was easy, though I swapped a few things out here and there. Mainly, black goes really well with more black and grey is cool too. A few shorts a few pants, blah blah blah, but what other kind of comforts and other essentials will I need?

Well, I need to bring American candy (tootsie rolls and dum dums) to the children who we will be serving lunch to at the school down the street. I NEED my SUKHA hat so its like my favorite yoga community is with me on my adventures. I need an essential oil, but like, go straight relax mode lavender or like powerful peppermint or orange hmmm... I chose Align DoTerra Essential oil for yoga,

(Good Call Jess Wilson, My girl) its a great blend.

A hand full of RX bars for an extra protein snack in case I get hangry.

Last minute, I snuck a chunk of my favorite stone, Labradorite into a little hidden pocket in my toiletry bag, allowing it to spoon a cute Labby necklace my mom bought for me for some sobriety checkpoint I can't even remember a few months back.

And just in case shit starts to get super weird, and I get lonely or start questioning my choice to take such a long trip outside of my comfort zone, I brought myself an emergency stash of Silk Almond Milk Vanilla Coffee creamer. My safety net. Not only does it taste delicious but its my liquid courage and comfort and something I look forward to everyday. What will I do without it?

This last ten months, I really counted on that morning cup of joy. I'd sit with my coffee on the porch and watch the ducks. Quack, quack, quack, quack. It was my favorite part of the day. It helped me get out of bed. It filled me with sweetness, warmth, comfort and confidence. It's was like home, and those ducks, they counted on me to be there for them.

But, I'm going rogue folks, because at one point in my life, I want my damn courage and comfort to stop coming from a damn LIQUID! and at one point I want to make myself a real home somewhere outside of a glass or mug. I am sure there will be plenty of joyous moments to drink up in the mornings in Thailand and the ducks will wait patiently for my return.

So, if I ever feel scared or like I'm lost in my own darkness anywhere around South East Asia, this will ground me, this will take me home, like Dorothy clicking her heels.

I'm not going to quote you, John Denver. I WILL NOT DO IT!!!!

Let's do this!


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