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SUKHA- Happiness, ease, comfortability. Mini Scissors and Viconin.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Hi Friends! Tomorrow (Monday)at 9:30 am is my last class at Sukha Yoga in Brick, NJ before my big adventure to South East Asia.

Painfully Balanced.

The class is called Monday Morning Moving Meditation, created specifically to calm the ever so common, start of the week monkey mind ( and because alliteration is cool). Come join us and together we can create a shift of consciousness as we move and breath and nourish our body in preparation for the week ahead. Tomorrow is also the last day to get the sweetest deal I have ever heard of a yoga studio offering, a new student BOGO month for $70. So, essentially, that is two months of unlimited yoga/pilates for $35 a month. Thats less then two drop ins at most studios!Sukha Yoga is one of my favorite yoga studios on this planet, and I have been to a LOT of yoga studios. It focuses on creating a non intimidating environment for people to connect to their bodies, building community instead of competition. The prices are set to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible. From the moment I met Maribeth, I knew we would have a special relationship and I wasn’t wrong. She hired me on the spot. She has been like a (another) big sister to me and has been there for me both professionally and personally. She allows me to create my own classes and teach in a way that I am passionate about, trusting me to take care of the beautiful community she immediately welcomed me into. She nurtures my growth as a yoga teacher. She has invited me to lead portion of her teacher training and lead my own workshops, both things I had never done before. She has been the best yoga boss I have had in a while and I am beyond thankful that I got a Jersey Mike’s sub next door to the studio that day!The community of men and women that attend classes are Sukha are dedicated yoga practitioners who immediately welcomed me into their lives as a healer and a friend. They share with me their hesitations, their fears, their hardships, their achievements, and I share my own.I check my MindBody app each night before I am scheduled to teach to see the names of the people that will be in my class the following morning. I get so excited anticipating the following morning I will get to spend with my friends, uniting our energies on the mat.I will miss you all when I am gone, but I have no doubt you will welcome me back from my trip in the same fashion you welcomed me months and months ago. Thank you Sukha! You guys rule.

Side note (taken straight from google): Patanjali described the physical practice of yoga in Sanskrit as “Sthira Sukham Asanam.” Loosely defined, we should strive to practice yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner. Sthira translates as strong, steady, and stable. Sukha means comfortable, happy, and relaxed. Asanam refers to the physical practice of yoga.


You can't tell in this photo because I look goofy and playful and carefree, but I am in a serious amount of tooth pain, and we all know tooth pain is the WORST kind of pain.The few days before this photo was taken, I had two root canals and, what they call a build up, to fix a previous root canal tooth that I cracked while eating kettle corn after my cousins wedding at the beginning of September. The dentist prescribed me penicillin so I didnt get an infection and Viconin for the pain. At first I thought, Oooooo Painkillers, This will be fun and give me something to do, but on my way to Walgreens, as I drool out of the bottom corner of my mouth, I started feeling like I should know better then to introduce narcotics into my life right now. Like, is this really what I need? No. I decided that its not a good idea to fill the Viconin prescription, though, Standard Tara Behavior, I walk right up to the counter and hand the guy two prescriptions from my dentist. I tell them I'll wait and then walk around the store, and notice they have a section labeled "Sexual Wellness" which is complied exclusively of lube. I make note and continue to look for mini travel scissors because for whatever reason, I have it set in my mind that I will need scissors in Thailand for SOMETHING and have been obsessed with finding them. I hear my name over the loud speaker and abort mini scissor mission back to the pharmacy where the dude tells me that the other dude wrote my prescription out for this massive amount of Viconin and my insurance won't OK it unless he writes a difference prescription for a less massive amount and they called him and the office is closed and they will have to call me tomorrow.

I take my Penecillin, my numb face, and the HUGE sign from above, and get the fuck out of the pharmacy.

The next day, even though I was in serious pain in my mouth hole and could eat nothing but overripe bananas (which is essentially baby food), I taught a pretty banging yoga class and took some fun photos in my favorite place. Later that day, I found a pair of mini scissors at the dollar store. This made me extremely happy. I went to bed thanking the universe the pharmacy didnt call and fell asleep believing everything was right in the world. --------------------

My father read my blog. He brought it to my attention that I spelled Viconin incorrectly and its actually Vicodin. 👩🏻‍💻


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