• Tara B. Vasi

The escape! Sri Lanka. What really happened PART 5

I call my sister the evening of the 27th of December. I need someone to confide in and help me brainstorm what to do. I normally tell her everything, but this is the first I have mentioned Chamaras inappropriate sexual advances and how scared I am living in the villa. I was too embarrassed to tell her, or anyone. I don’t know why. Maybe I was in denial. Maybe I felt silly admitting the facts and waiting so long to make a move. Maybe I was sad to say goodbye to what I thought was my dream come true.

She obviously tells me that I need to get out of there and get somewhere safe immediately.

I know I have to go.

I tell Rosa that I am going to leave in the morning. I don’t tell anyone else. I find a cheap hotel in a beach community in Sri Lanka and start to pack. She decides to come with me.

She can’t put up with Chamara’s treatment either. No one should have to deal with that kind of BS at a work trade. Or ever for that matter. It’s 2019 god dammit, how are men still pulling this shit!? I was supposed to be able to trust him.

Chamara and the Germans go to a musical show. He didnt invite Rosa or I, not that I wanted to go anyway. He was still mad at me remember? Around 10pm, I go to walk out side of the villa to get some fresh air and I realize that the door is LOCKED. He locked us inside the villa. The property, I get that, but the villa? CAGED. This has gone to another level.

I had everything packed and ready to go before I went to sleep. I didn’t sleep much that night. I don’t know if I was more scared of him trying to come in during the night, or the reaction he would have when I left.

I heard Chamara leave in the morning, so I left my room and spent some time with Lucky, who I knew I would have to leave behind. I bought a gigantic bag of dog food a few days before and knew I couldn’t take it with me, so I walkEd around one final time to my dog friends and said good bye. I felt bad having to leave them in that condition.

Rosa, the Germans, and I all go to the dining area for breakfast. I tell the Germans what is going on and that I am leaving. I tell them everything. They say they understand because they could see weird tension and dysfunction between him and I. They get emotional and we all hug. They are really amazing women And I am so glad I met them.

I realize only that day that uber works in Sri Lanka. That would of been good to know... So, I call the uber in the middle of breakfast. I can hear Chamara cutting the grass, so I feel like its the perfect escape. I start to panic. I don’t want him to see me. I need to make a clean break. What would he do? How would he respond? I was scared he would shoot me or something.

Rosa and I load up the car and she goes to tell Chamara that she is leaving. It was important to her to tell him she was leaving. I wait in the car. It feels like it takes her forever to reappear. I see Chamara and he notices that I am in the car too. I tell the driver that as soon as the woman gets into the car, you go, and you do not stop for that man, or let him near me.

Chamara runs down the hill towards the uber. I make sure my door is locked. He tries to open he door. I hear him say, Tara! What is happening? Are you leaving?

I say only Yes, and the Uber drives away. He watches the car until we are out of view.

I am shaking, sweating, and unsure if this is reality or I’m stuck in a new episode of YOU. (I’m going to have to wait a while before I can watch that) I am relieved to be out of the villa and away from him.

I don’t know what’s next, but I don’t really care. Fuck that. And most of all, FUCK HIM.

We get a few miles away and my phone starts ringing. It’s him. I decline. He sends me messages saying, “Tara, please come back! Tara, what’s happening? Tara, I’m sorry.“

I bet he was upset. If his caged toy was gone, he’d have nothing to play with.

The rug has been pulled out from under me. Of course I need time to recover from this horrible situation, but in the end I know I’ll end up on my feet. I always do...

Everytime a silver van crosses my path, I get frightened thinking it’s him.


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