• Tara B. Vasi

Twisted Yogi and Fitness Virtual Studio is open for business!

Join my Twisted Yogi and Fitness Facebook community and Not all of the classes on my Twisted Yogi, get out of bed and get out of your head!

Moving your body helps you to stay centered and present, and just plain makes you feel good all over! But, you already know this.

My goal is to make yoga and fitness accessible for all, and that includes offering yoga and fitness classes for all levels of physical ability, mobility, and flexibility.

Not all of the classes on my Twisted Yogi and Fitness Facebook Page are meant to test your physical prowess though, so don’t think you can’t join the Twisted Yogi Community if you are not an experienced yogi or a super active individual.

I will be offering Intro to Mobility and Flexibility classes, where we will work on proprioception (or awareness of the movements of the body), reducing joint pain and increasing balance, coordination, and overall muscular engagement.

Also, besides my active Vinyasa Flows (breath to movement sequences), look forward to Hatha yoga classes (holding fewer poses for more breaths), Guided Meditations, and Pranayama (or moving life force energy, or prana, using the breath) segments to encourage a more relaxing physical and mental state if you are looking for a more restorative practice that particular day.

My goal is to make yoga and fitness accessible for all, so this is all donation based. If you’ve been laid off and can’t drop dollah dollah bills right now, its ok. There are no strings attached…

But, if you can donate, I definitely do appreciate the support. ( Venmo, @tara-vasi) A huge portion of your donations will be put towards feeding myself and my badass stray dog gang here in Goa, India…

Lockdown was just extended another three weeks and taking care of the animals has been providing me with so much joy and purpose. 🥰

Meet the crew:

Tarzan (The Stinky Old Man), One Eared Willy (He hears me dishing food out just fine), Sally Jesse Raphael (She absolutely hates people. I love her), and Jazzy Girl (She’s just so…. Jazzy!)… with guests appearances by Glinda (Who is also named Sandy), Nipply Ned (Poor guy has one giant nipple), and Bandit (We dont really like Bandit. He’s a mean boy and snaps at the pigs and also tries to have sex with Jazzy and she doesn’t like it one bit.)

But, truth be told, donation or not, animals or not, lockdown or not, I just want you to do yoga. I care about you and yoga keeps you healthy and happy.

If you have any questions about yoga, fitness, or how to love stray dogs, message me. If there is a style of yoga class you are super looking forward to taking, tell me! and I’ll get it out there as soon as possible.

If this whole idea is exciting to you, TELL ME! The more interest I have, the more content I will post!

More blog posts to come as well!! Hope everyone is keeping their chin up!



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