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Welcome friends!

Hi everyone and welcome to my travel blog, Not Thai'd Down, a not so serious documentation of my travels through Southeast Asia.

Who the hell am I?

My name is Tara. I am 35 years old. I am single. I do not have any children or any pets. I do not have a mortgage or a demanding career. Thats not ALL I am, but we will get to that.

Not Thai'd down? (You see what I did there, right?) Eat, Pray, Love was already taken.

This is me. This is me taking advantage of this unattachment and freedom while I can. #soloyolo Who knows? In a few months, a year, two, never, everything could change, and I could go from #singleAF to #pregnantAF, in the blink of an eye. I could just slip and BAM! pregnant. And then I'd have to walk around with that "I should have gone to Thailand when I had the chance" weight on my shoulders the rest of my life.

Or worse case scenerio, BAM! car accident. #deadAF Or BAM! arm balance photoshoot on a mountaintop gone bad. Or BAM! Well, you get the point. Life is short and you just don't know how long you have to enjoy it. In the blink of an eye, everything could change.

(In the near future, I'd absolutely love to BAM! get another puppy dog, one like my sweet black lab, Cooper, the love of my life that, who passed away from cancer two years ago now. Though, since I have had very little attachment or rooting this last year, even the loving companionship of a dog feels like such a huge commitment that I may not be ready for)

Such a spicy meat-ah-ball

Anyway, moving on, so on October 4rd, 2019, I will embark on a journey to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. As of right now, the trip is set for 45 days.

The first ten days I will be co-leading a yoga retreat in Thailand and the rest of the time I will be solo (but with a group) backpacking around, (ie wearing a back pack) taking in all the goodness of South East Asia.

This blog will allow me to share that goodness with you. Maybe you are a family member, and you are concerned about my safety (you should be, I can be impulsive and reckless) or a friend who's been supporting me through the shit show of what has been the last few years of my life. Maybe you are a new friend or yogi fan who is not quite ready to take their own big adventure out of the country but is interested in some self discovery and following my experiences first. Maybe my experiences can inspire you to book a trip, or even a yoga retreat, and take a break from the chaos of life that can sometimes be consuming and find some joy, self love, and find a way to really take advantage of the time you have on this earth doing the things that you love.

A little back story:

About ten years ago, I volunteered on a private game reserve in South Africa for a month and it was one of the most fascinating and terrifying months of my life. I blogged during the trip, sharing my experiences with friends and family. The bloc's name was AfreakinGoodTime. (Did you see what I did there? ) Not to brag, but it was kind of a big deal... so here goes, round two.

So, Welcome to the Party! You've made it through orientation!! I hope you like run on sentences, improper and excessive use of parentheses, sprinkles of sarcasm, quick wit, and cynic, mixed with inspiring reminders, self reflections and developments. I will also be discussing my recovery ( ten months sober (except a slight glitch in July) the same amount of time since I moved from San Diego to New Jersey) and my long term struggle with a drug and alcohol addiction. Oh, and elephants. ALL MY BLOGS HAVE ELEPHANTS!

Side note: Disclaimer: Disclosure: Explanation: Hold up:

I don't think being 35, single necessarily define me, like I'm doing this life thing ALL WRONG. No one cares. And I don't think being a wife, mom, and/or professional should necessarily define you, either. Unless you want it too. I don't feel less then. Or more then. We don't have to put ourselves into one box. We are so many things! It all comes down to character, and taking ownership and accountability for your life. Every decision I have made in my life (some were pretty self destructive) has led me to where I am today. I did this! The life I have created for myself is 100% my own doing, just like your life is yours. I do beat myself up sometimes, but then remind myself to have gratitude for all my experiences, the good and the bad and that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Right now, I am focusing on nurturing the relationship I have with myself. Working though those things that need to be healed so that I can love myself completely, accept myself completely, and move forward in being the best version of myself, so that I can share that with the world proudly.

I am happy for everyone and their successes.


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